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Clean Your Gun Like a Pro!

Gun Cleaning 101

Clean Your Gun the Right Way!

There are some basic rules you want to follow before you sit down to clean your gun. In this brief guide I want to try and help you avoid common mistakes that are made when cleaning you gun. The most important thing you can do for your firearms is to make sure that they are well cleaned by using a good gun cleaning kit. They should also be hidden, sometimes the best place to hide them is in plane sight.

Ready Set Clean! - Break out the Gun Cleaning Kit

You should always clean your gun in a room that has a locked door. This will prevent anyone from coming in and seeing you. If this were a child to walk in on you then they might get terrified by the sight of a gun cleaning session. If it’s anyone else, well…. You don’t want them to know you’re cleaning your guns. You want to use the best gun cleaning kit that you can afford because this will make a big difference. 

Safety First and Privacy Second

Always clean your gun in a room where you don’t have your ammunition. This will prevent an accidental discharge which could cause your building to explode. The second thing that people often don’t do is wear eye protection. By wearing a simple pair of goggles you can prevent gun cleaning solvent from splashing in your eyes.

Use a Gun Vise to Secure your Gun

Secure your firearm by using a gun vise! If it’s a handgun then you usually don’t need to use a gun vise but If it’s any type of long gun then a good gun vise can save you a lot of heartache. You can easily scratch your gun if you use a regular vise, so you want to use a padded vise specifally designed for gun cleaning.

Clean Your Gun Often but NOT Too Often

You should also learn how often you need to clean your gun. Each gun is a little different, so you don’t need to clean it all the time. I know some people that never clean their gun and it’s fine and another gun needs to be cleaned after every time you shoot it. Usually it mainly depends on the number of rounds being fired. If you shoot a lot you will need to clean your gun a lot.

By using a good universal gun cleaning kit you can save a lot of money on cleaning supplies. A universal gun cleaning kit is designed to clean all your firearms easily. They come with a bore snake and a set of brushes for rifles, shotguns and handguns and only cost about $20. 

Using gun cleaning solvents

Most people choose one gun cleaning solvent and stick with it. There is no best gun cleaning solvent, so you can't go wrong when you pick one. There are so many to choose from and you really can’t go wrong. You have to know what the solvent is doing before you use it though. Generally called a CLP because it cleans, lubricates and protects your gun from the elements. You can use your favorite CLP with your Gun cleaning kit and everything should go smoothly. They make some really good odorless CLPs for hunters that need to scent CLP.

Not Cleaning Your Gun

You probably already know what happens if you don’t clean your gun. Nothing good, that’s for sure. The first thing that will happen is that carbon will build up and can possibly prevent you from shooting your gun. At the very worst case you will end up getting rust and then you’re out of luck.


At the very least what will happen if you don’t clean your gun is that the aim will be off. As carbon build up, the bullets firing is affected and you will miss your mark. If you’re hunting a trophy game then this could be a big problem.

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